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about elc 2021

For the first time in ELC’s history, ELC 2021 will be a premier virtual online experience showcasing 120 distinguished experts over various Plenary Dialogs, Round-Table Critical Conversations, MasterClasses, and C-Suite Learning Journeys.

ELC is a biennial thought leadership experience in Asia featuring effective role models and current thinkers. This year we are partnering up with TBN Asia - an organization that aims to fight poverty through enterprise in South-east Asia.


The lens of perspective determines reality.


Regaining possession of the state of normality.


Getting comfortable with new and different.

thriving in the between

Leaders are a special breed who rise to the occasion to thrive in the between.

The “between” is an unchartered and unknown space – braved only by the enterprising. It is the hinges of leadership that require much wisdom, skill, and grace to navigate. It is a place of great potential where the sky is not the limit, but only the beginning.

It is the spaces in “between” where we learn to reframe, recover, and reinvent to thrive in this life that we live.



Eagles Communications is committed to inspire living life to the fullest. Since 1968, we have impacted thousands around the world to find purpose, significance, fulfillment, and joy in living.

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beyond self

We provide programs and platforms to articulate the truth about ourselves and our world.

beyond time

We live and work beyond the present. We harness our experience to leave a positive legacy for the future.

beyond borders

We encourage and cultivate global partnerships, bringing people together to learn from and with each other.

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